West Tech Road marking resin is  anewkindof environmentally friendly modified natural resin,whichhas light color and low odor,fast drying  speed,good leveling and good impact resistance.Strong  adhesion to all kinds of road surface,with heat, weather,yellow resistance and dirt resistance and other prominent advantages.


It is soluble in aromatic, aliphatic, ester,andketone solvents. It is special for  making thetraffic paint, which have good  resistance tocrushing, resistance to  crocking, abrasion resistance, appropriate  levelling and fastdrying. It also has  good resistance to yellowing and ageing  resistance. Good adhesion, it is used  as a binder especially for making road  marking paints. Good compatibility: free compatible with petroleum resin and EVA at free percentage.

Fybpical Uses:

Tomake white or yellow hot-melt traffic paint.

Forms and Packaging:

In Bgaular flake,kraft paper bag,25kgs neteach bag

Packing specified by customers.